What we are capable of
Dynamic Concepts Mfg. entire operation is based on using the latest machine technology and the most skilled people; thereby providing your company with the very best in process design, manufacturing, and quality. Our well-equipped facility enables us to handle large production runs down to small quantities. Tolerances of +/-0.0005 are achievable, with typical customer requirements ranging from +/-0.001 to +/-0.010. By utilizing the best machines and software, we increase efficiency and part accuracy to ensure your product is manufactured to print or CAD file in accordance with your specifications.
Long Swiss Parts
• Make parts from 1 piece instead of 2.
• Ability to do multi axis milling and drilling.
• Can make complete long parts.
Small Swiss Parts
• Ability to create sharp pointed threads.
• Drill down to 0.010.
• High precision parts.
CNC Milled Parts
• Very skilled machinist.
• 3d profiling multi axis conturing.
CNC Turned Parts
• Custom thread
• Large quantities
Swiss Thread Whirling
• Thread lengths with long controlled pitch diameter.
Our range of Job Shop Contract Manufacturing includes:
  • Precision CNC turning
  • Precision CNC milling
  • Precision CNC Swiss machining
  • Prototype and production machining
  • Long and short production runs
  • In-house tooling design
  • Prototypes for R & D to production runs
  • Stainless Steel (all grades)
  • Titanium
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Copper
  • Tool Steels (H13,S7,P20,D2,O1,A2,M2)
  • Hardened Steel
  • Plastic (all grades)
Facilities List
Multi Axis Swiss Machining:
  • Star SR20 Swiss lathe, with sub spindle and live milling
  • Tsugumi Panther SX20, with sub spindle and live milling

  • Super Max. Max-1 Rebel
  • Vertical Machining Center, 16 tools
  • 27 x 16 x 18 travel
  • Acer Mills( Bridgeport Style )
  • 16 x 36 travels

  • Nockamura/Slant 1 CNC Turning Center, 21” swing x 20” c/c
  • Victor 16 x 40 Engine Lathe, 10” chuck

  • Reid Grinder 6 x 12 manual
  • Acer 1020 Surface Grinder With Auto Feeds

Inspection Resources:
  • Video Measuring System, RAM OMIS, 20 - 120x mag., with Quadra-Chek Digital Readout
  • Optical Comparator, Mitutoyo PHA14, 10 and 20x mag., with Quadra-Chek Digital Readout
  • Stereo Microscopes with LED lighting, 7-45x mag.
  • We have “Calibrated Inspection Equipment.”
  • Surface Plates and Height Gauges
  • Gauge Blocks
  • Gauge Pins from .0110 to .7500
  • Many Thread Plug and Ring Gauges
  • Micrometers 0-12” Capacity
  • Bore Gauges

Miscellaneous Equipment:
  • Sunnen Honing Machine
  • Vibratory Deburring Tumbler
  • Floor Drill Presses
  • Vertical Saw 16 x 10 Capacity
  • Horizontal Band Saw 9 x16” Capacity